I am a Teacher: What's Your Superpower?

Yesterday I was notified that I was in a video that my school district showed at their "First Day Back For Teachers."  My first thought was: Geez I am retired and I am not even there to see it, but many of my colleagues sent it to me so I was able to view it. There were clips of many teachers doing their job and I felt very fortunate to have been in the first few minutes of the video in which it showed me working on the rug with a very special student, since he lives right down the street from me and his mom was a colleague in the district.  Yes...It was a privilege and honor to be a part of this very inspiring video to say the least especially since I am no longer a part of the school district.  It actually made me feel like maybe I should be teaching again.  However, when I pondered upon that feeling or thought, two words came to mind...NO WAY!  Yes, I LOVED teaching and could not have chosen a better or more inspiring profession, but after 34 years, I figured it was time to move on and just have the memories of a job well done...no regrets...fun times...touching lives in many ways and not just students, but parents, colleagues and others.   Although teaching probably is one of the most difficult jobs, it is definitely one of the best jobs in the universe.  You have the ability to touch others in a magnificent way...you touch minds, feelings, academics...you nurture, support and help students and families...you give advice, share good and not so good news, you go to work and are on for 6-10 hours a day depending what you take home with you, not to mention that feeling of did I handle that situation correctly, did I do my best, did I help that little one, should I call the parents, should I forget about it???

So, yes, I am very happy that I am in the video from the opening day, but more importantly, it shows just how important all teachers are not matter what you teach or have taught, teaching will always be apart of your soul forever...so...I pass the baton on to all of you. Make the best of each day you teach because you are SUPER!!! Wear your Superman shirt with dignity...you deserve it! (I just wish I had one!!! I guess I retired a year too soon..oh well...I have to bloom where I am.  I will just have to settle for being a retired Superman!!)

This video is also linked on my page...ENJOY!