Freebies, Freebies and More Freebies!

As I was sitting out on my porch this beautiful evening, I decided I would share all the freebies that I have available in my Sunshine and Lollipops Shops on TpT and Teacher's Notebook.
I believe that as teachers you should NOT have to put out your hard earned money for supplies, but we ALL know that this concept is virtually impossible. We LOVE to teach and want to meet the needs of all the kiddos we have in our classrooms. or we would not be teaching!  We love to see those smiles and giggles and love to provide a safe place for our kiddos to be or become their best selves.  We also know that one size does NOT fit all.  It is my belief to keep my prices as low as I can because I enjoy helping, solving problems and mentoring others...especially when it comes to teaching!
Editable End of Year Student Letters  TN TpT are a few of the freebies I have, as of today, for you to use and enjoy.  Please check them out at my stores. You won't be disappointed!!! MORE WILL BE COMING SOON! ENJOY!

Bunny Hop Number Line Slide  TN  TpT

Editable ABC Letter of Our Year Together!TN  TpT

This Poster is a great reminder with visuals
as to how your kiddos should sit when listening!
TN      TpT

Children LOVE playing this Game which reinforces Math Facts. It is a differentiated activity in that the children fill in the train and make up the problems that they can solve. Challenges emerge depending on who they play. TN  TpT
Fun Management Charts to encourage Classroom Management!
TN   TpT
Great Poetry Frames for Grades 2-4!

Fall Writing Frames Great for K-1