5 Facts about ME!

When Niki from Teaching Autism from the UK posted a challenge to write 5 facts about yourself so we could all get to know each other better and put the person with the logo so to speak, I jumped right in with both feet...yep, that is the way I usually do things because if I think too much about it, I will never do it!  With that being said ,here are the 5 Facts about ME, that you may or may not know! Well if you are family or a friend or even a FB friend, you may already know some of these, but reread them anyway or not!

1.  I am retired after 34 years of teaching.  I looped with my class from first to second grade for 14 years of my teaching career! As I pondered retiring I knew that I wanted to retire when I was still perceived as a good teacher, young enough to enjoy my grandchildren as well as the remainder of my journey here on earth and I definitely did not want to overstay my welcome to the point that I might overhear someone say,"When is that old _____ leaving? Her ideas are from the dark ages!!" Everyone said that this would never happen to me, but you never know and I was not about to take a chance! My teaching style was and still is to keep all lessons fun, hands on and whatever each child needs to learn and grow! I LOVE to differentiate instruction as much as I can!  Even though in today’s classrooms standardized testing and strict control over curriculum prevails, I always tried and continue to try to find new ways to make learning fun! I realized after the dust settled from my 5+ retirement parties and a severely sprained ankle, that retirement did not mean sitting around and doing nothing...retirement to me meant to start a new chapter of my life and do what I want to do, when I want to do it at anytime I feel like doing it! No...I realized I am NOT too old or too tired to create and inspire! So...HERE I AM!  Welcome to Sunshine and Lollipops where you will find activities and lessons that can be differentiated and many ideas that encourage joy, sunshine and the love of learning!

2.  I have 3 wonderful grown children, who are all married. Of these 6 children, if you count spouses, 4 are teachers! My grandchildren are as active as can be and I now can watch them whenever anyone needs me to help out! Perk #1 of being retired! Perk #2 is helping my daughter 2 days a week with her Special Ed kindergarten Kiddos! I LOVE IT! 

Grandkids are the best!
3.  Yes...you read it correctly, I have an obsession for shoes of which I have over 120 pairs...it sounds awful, but it is just one of those things that I cannot live without and I HAVE to have shoes for every outfit and occasion. I think I am taking after a dear friend who passed away a few years back..she had more shoes than I do! Oh and the Nutella thing...well that was just recently...I decided to buy a super sized jar of Nutella to try it...and the rest is history....what is that saying a spoonful a day keeps the doctor away?

4.  I never go out of the house without make up...could be vanity, but it more because I live in the town I grew up in, taught in the same classroom that I attended first grade and live in the community in which I taught...so what do you think the chances are of bumping into someone you know? Yep...you got it! I am positive that I will bump into someone the day I run to the store to pick up allergy medicine and look like ______. You can fill in the blank!  So rain or shine, deathly sick or healthy, the make up goes on.

5. As soon as my husband retires, we WILL use up all of his frequent flyer miles! He has over 2 million miles and I am not about to let them go to waste. We do use them and have given them to our children for honeymoons and other important trips, but I don't want to leave this world without using every single one!  I LOVE to travel and have always loved traveling since the day I was born!  I have had many great vacations, but I am going to be greedy...I WANT MORE...the sooner the better!

Thanks for listening and reading...Have a day filled with sunshine and sweetness and don't forget to check out all the other posts to learn 5 facts about your favorite teacher authors!

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  1. Thanks for joining in with the linky - it's so much fun reading all about others! Hope you're enjoying retirement - wow over 30 years of teaching! Well done you! I'm the same as you, I can't leave the house without makeup or having my hair under control for fear of bumping into someone we know - which usually happens! Wow - over 2 million miles! That is a lot of flying, you're going to have a great time :)

    Teaching Autism

  2. Kathy, I love your philosophy about when to retire! After 37 years, I'm feeling it! Besides, with TpT you will never be bored as there's always more than enough to do!You have hoes. I don't eve want to count how much fabric I have! Loved finding out about you! Enjoy this adorable grandchildren- Linda

  3. Thanks for linking up. I see your store name a lot in my email, adding to collaborative boards that I belong to. I always wondered who Sunshine and Lollipops was, now I know!! Congrats on a great career of teaching. I don't think there will be many people who can say that with this new generation. Sad. I love your comment about make-up. Now that I am a stay at home Mom, I have not put make-up on in months to my husband's dismay :).

  4. What a fun read! Congratulations on such a successful career! I have taken a few years off to be home with my babies, so I might be a little older when I retire ;) I can totally relate to your shoe obsession! My family is always teasing me about mine...although I don't have quite as many as you!