Freebies, Freebies and More Freebies!

There are almost 500 freebies all in one place...come on over and take a look...I KNOW EVERYONE WILL LOVE #18 and #63, but I bet there are more than just 2 you will want to download!!

As I was sitting out on my porch this beautiful evening, I decided I would share all the freebies that I have available in my Sunshine and Lollipops Shops on TpT and Teacher's Notebook. I believe that as teachers you should NOT have to put out your hard earned money for supplies, but we ALL know that this concept is virtually impossible. We LOVE to teach and want to meet the needs of all the kiddos we have in our classrooms. or we would not be teaching!  We love to see those smiles and giggles and love to provide a safe place for our kiddos to be or become their best selves.  We also know that one size does NOT fit all.  It is my belief to keep my prices as low as I can because I enjoy helping, solving problems and mentoring others...especially when it comes to teaching! There are some many talented Teacherpeneurs in the world and they have so many great products to share not only freebies,but also wonderful products that get your kiddos learning in ways you never imagined..So...Why not check out all the Freebies that are linked below from other fabulous teachers and shops and GIVE THEM A SHOUT OUT!

if you are looking for some fabulous free resources, then this is definitely for you. Over 500 free resources all in one place for you to browse and download...time to do the happy dance!


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