5 End of Year Freebies Just for YOU!

5 End of Year Freebies for YOU! It is hard enough wrapping up the end of the year with report cards, data, more data, student gifts, students letters and everything else there is to do...Why not make your life a little easier, leave the creating to us and grab these freebies made especially for YOU!

YES...it is that time of year again when you ARE feeling the pressure and anxiety that the end of the school year brings right before your last day.  I mean let's face it...you really have a lot of loose ends to tie up before you can relax...if you can relax because there is always something to worry about...data, report cards, parent meetings, more data, anxiety over your classroom kiddos, distress over did I meet this or that child's needs...the last thing you need to worry about is end of year gifts, end of year letters to students, poems, how to send them off to the next grade and all the rest of the "stuff" that goes along with teaching that no one really knows about unless you are a teacher.  Why not leave the "driving" and creating to those of us who are retired and not working in a school setting any longer...and did I mention do you really even have the time to check out the resources that could help you achieve your end of year goals.  Well...worry no more...I have compiled a few of my favorite End of Year resources that i have used over the years for you right here and they are all FREE...YOU ARE WELCOME!! Have I just become your BFF? I sure hope so even if it is just for a day or two!!

So Happy End of the Year...you deserve a BREAK!!

The Abc's of Our Year Together Book

I hope you enjoy these Freebies and don't forget to have a GREAT Summer!!