It's #2fortuesday Time Again!!!

Are you looking for some great resources at great prices? is the time to stock up...Check out these great #2fortuesday Deals...just put #2fortuesday in the TpT search bar and can see all the products that are offered for 50% OFF...every Tuesday different resources are on sale!
I have decided to link up with some other fabulous teacher authors and every Tuesday we will promote 2 products for 50%! This is your chance to stock up for September and get some great resources for your classroom at a great discount! If you are like me, I LOVE discounts and sales!! You don't always find sales at 50% so check out my deals and all the participants by simply searching #2fortuesday in the TpT search bar. Hope you get some great deals!! Here is a link directly to the page: #2forTuesday

1.  So the first product is brand new right off the press! It is a game called What's that Sound.  It is a great game to reinforce or introduce beginning sounds. In order to play, letter cards are placed facedown in the center of the playing area. Each child has a board with pictures and a word for the picture which is missing the initial sound.  Each player takes a turn and picks a card from the center, says the letter and sound and then covers the picture that has that beginning sound. If they do not have the correct picture, they return the card to the pile. Play continues. Whoever covers all their pictures first, wins the game! I have used and played with my grandkids and they LOVE it!  Check it out!  Here:What's that Sound?

2. The next resource is a resource that you will LOVE and need to have in your files.  We all know how emergent readers LOVE to read what they have written or created and we also know how important it is to publish class books. This resource has 41 pages of response sheets and ready made covers to make class books with your kiddos.  One buyer said, " This is my first time teaching first grade and this made my life a lot easier!" So here you go:  Check it out right here:  Class Books 

I hope you will tune in next week for #2forTuesday...just think of all the sweet resources you will have before school starts!!

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