Just Had to Share My Excitement #sorrynotsorry LOL

I think you will enjoy this post by Sunshine and Lollipops about Summer Reading...this post is featured on Reading with Mrs. D's Blog...check it out. It will bring you back to the days of cuddling up with a good book!

Recently I saw a post about being a guest blogger...so...I decided to try it out and now my blog and interview are on Reading with Mrs. D's Blog and I am sooooooo excited.

First, to see your words printed on someone else's page is downright awesome!

Second, since the post is about summer reading, it brought back those cherished memories of cuddling in my bed with the windows open allowing the heat of the summer and the mucky breezes to pass through my window blowing through the sheer royal blue curtains into my room and brush across my face...seriously, that is what I remember...reading in my room becoming the character about whom I was reading and lovin' life!

Those memories will be with me forever and I can only hope that my grandkids with this techie world will have the privilege of those same experiences that I had a child!  I know my own children have...my youngest daughter got into writing novels...that are stored up in the attic...this was before computers...maybe I should go up there retype them and publish a few for her! She would read and read and then...write her own novels and I have to admit they were pretty darn good!!

Here's to a summer of reading and also cuddling up with a good book with your child, grandchild or yourself!  Happy reading!!