Some FREE BOO-tiful Halloween Activities Just for You...BOO!

Are you ready for Halloween? Well if you are still thinking about what to do in your classroom this year, I have some Boo-tiful FREE ideas for you and I think you will love them all...Enjoy and have some SPOOKY fun!

When I was a little girl, my dad's favorite holiday was Halloween. he would secretly follow us around the neighborhood and hide behind trees and walls in a dark suit, put on his best monster face, which was quite scary I have to admit, and jump out at us as we Trick-or-Treated around the neighborhood. of course we knew he was doing this so we REALLY were never scared...well...I take that back... maybe a few times when he caught us off guard!

Halloween is not my favorite holiday,but my dad always made it so much fun. So, I guess that is what I always remembered.  I have many fond, scary yet boo-tiful memories about this holiday and always loved to have fun in my classroom..well actually I am lying...I LOVED to have fun, but it was probably the most difficult day for a teacher and I remember leaving and wanting to go right to bed or sit alone in a closed room in the dark!  UGH!

With that being said.  Here are some FREE tried and true activities that you can do in your classroom this year that are fun, fun, fun for everyone!!!

I will start with my all time favorite...SPIDERS! Kids love to learn about these creepy, crawly, spooky friends.  In fact just last week I encountered one as I was walking out the door!  

Yes, there he was just sitting in his web across my door. I had to make a plan to escape from my house without getting caught in this sticky web...I thought and thought and thought and then decided to use the back door so as not to wake up this sleeping beauty.  The broom came in handy and that was that!

So...ere hare some BOO-tiful Halloween Activities just for you...BOO!  Oh and did I mention all of the ideas I am sharing can be found in my TpT shop with directions and everything you need. Have I become your BFF yet? Here they are!

1. Make spider headbands after reading a Nonfiction text about spiders.  But first we had to have some learning. So, read and discuss the text and have children write spider facts they have learned form the story. You can use spider frames for the kiddos to write their facts and glue or tape the facts onto a chart like the one I made up below...we are doing this on Thursday so I do not have the actually chart to show you.
After the students learn a bit about spiders, you can then have them make the spider headbands. 
Directions are included in the resource in my shop(Sunshine and Lollipops)

2. Make Wicked Witch Craft as shown above with Boomer.  The directions are Included for your convenience and they look like this:  These can be used for older students for an independent activity.
Included with this craft is a writing activity worksheet that works well with Kindergarten, English Language Learners and Special Education Students,

These are from last year and are shown with a sheet that states W is for witch. We are using a different writing from this year as shown above.
Are you having fun yet? I am because I LOVE sharing ideas especially when they are helpful and FREE!

3. Clifford...Everybody Loves Clifford!!! With this lesson you will read the Norman Bridwell story Clifford's Halloween.   Discuss the story, Think/Pair/Share ideas as you read, ask know what to do!!! 

After reading the story, brainstorm ideas of what Clifford might be for Halloween and then have children make Clifford in his costume and write what Clifford will be and what the students will be for Halloween!

This sample is from last year. We have changed the writing frame to what is shown above.
So there you have it some ideas to make Halloween a little bit more fun. I know what you are thinking...are you crazy...we really want a little calmness this Halloween! Guess What? That is not going to happen when in the classroom during Halloween week do what the kiddos do...jump around and have some fun!

Free Halloween Brain Breaks

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Happy Halloween!!!