SPRING is in the AIR... LINKY PARTY Link up or FIND some Great Spring Resources!!

Check out all these great free and paid resources for SPRING...YOU Won't want to miss out!!!
Spring is in the air...the air is a bit warmer, the days are longer, flowers are in bloom...well I lied only a few are popping up here in PA, but I know you can visualize the new beginnings that SPRING offers...and I also know, if you are a teacher like my daughter, you are looking for ideas to bring the flavor of spring into your classrooms.  

YOU need some fun activities that motivate those young minds to focus on learning and to continue to learn even though there is a constant tug to daydream about running around outside on this beautiful, glorious spring day...well...perhaps you will give in and take them outside to learn, which is a great idea for this time of year...but maybe you can carry a few of these SPRING resources to your outdoor classroom and have some fun!

Here are some SPRING resources that will put that spring back into your step and before you know it everyone will be focusing your lessons and not daydreaming about what they COULD be doing.