5 Marvelous Math Ideas, Games and Resources to Teach and Reinforce Counting and Adding to 10

Looking for some fun ideas,games a resources for your Kinders to count and add to 10?  This is what you are looking for a I know you will LOVE #4 for SURE!!!

Kids love games....RIGHT?  We ALL love games, but teachers and parents especially love games that teach their children or students important concepts and skills.

In the lower grades from Pre-k to first grade, one important skill is adding numbers.  A teacher usually will start out with counting and then move on the adding numbers up to 10....you know the drill and if you present adding in a fun way...your kiddos and students will be "Hooked on Adding!"

So here are some marvelous math Ideas, games and resources to teach adding to 10:

1.  First:  We all will agree that kids LOVE to be silly!  Well....there is a great game where kids practice adding numbers to 10 with a silly staircase game which is perfect to add a little silly fun while learning math!   Education.com offers this great math game and more math fun on their site.  This fabulous game is complete with fun characters, stories and songs!  While I wait for a website URL that works, you can play the game by clicking the link below...we just have a little glitch in the system!!! Have fun playing!  Number Pair Staircase Game

2. I simply LOVE this idea for teaching students in younger grades the foundational skills of counting to 10. This Count and Clip actually goes up to 50 and as the numbers get higher the students are learning place value and adding 10's and 1's. it is a step up, but starts out lower and challenges students to discover place value in a fun way!

3. Everybody LOVES Ice Cream:  This game supports children in learning different names for numbers.  You can differentiate it by simply only giving out the lower numbers to struggling learners and higher numbers to advance learners or as partner challenges.  You can even add an ice cream treat!

4. So...I just LOVE this video to teach adding to 10. It is engaging and so much fun!

5. and here is a cute Freebie for you from Playdough to Plato. A rainbow for 10. This would be a great idea to decorate your classroom with math rainbows for all numbers or challenge your kiddos to fin and use other addition or subtraction facts that equal 10...like 100-90=10!

Well...there you have it...some marvelous math ideas, games and resources to teach and reinforce adding to...