Today has been an interesting day for me.  The teachers from my district (my former colleagues) had their first day back.  I have to felt a bit strange not going back to school today so my friend, who also retired last year, and I decided to go to breakfast to celebrate our new found freedom. We chose to go to the Llanerch Diner and we were seated at the booth in which Bradley Cooper sat in when filming "Silver Lining Playbook."  Well that in itself was a great way to start the morning. As we left, the owner said," Did you enjoy sitting in the same booth as Bradley Cooper?" which I replied, " Yes, but it would be a lot better if he were sitting with us!" Of course I was kidding...well sort of kidding. I mean it really would have been nice to sit with him, but that, I would say is pretty much a mute point. new journey begins and it begins with a quote from Joel Osteen, "Bloom where you are!"
Yes, my friend and I have to "bloom where we are" and do the best we can do in our new venture. But, all the teachers that are going back to school this week should also bloom where they are!  They have been given the rewarding responsibility of some new smiling faces and yes, you...the teachers... are the ones who have to be their teacher, mother, psychologist, nurse, friend, listener, comforter just to name a few of the "hats" you will wear this year as a teacher. With this new beginning, feel fortunate to have the opportunity to make a difference in your kiddos' lives. "Bloom where you are," make the best of each day, bring back the fun in learning and have fun while you are teaching.

My Upper Floor team had a blast last year making the best of everyday and doing our best in all the roles we played.  Some of us dressed as snowmen for Halloween, 100th Day old women for the 100th Day of School, dressed as an insect when teaching insects(and the children made insect headbands),
dressed as clouds when we taught clouds and even hugged a skunk! Yes, we did BLOOM and the children loved to come to school everyday to see what might happen next. Did they learn? YES. Did they have fun while learning? YES. Did we have fun teaching? YES WE DID!

So, I challenge every teacher and actually everyone to bloom where you are and enjoy the journey...there is only one! Kathy


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