If you live in the Northeastern part of the United States, even though we are nearing spring,you will agree that we have had beautiful spring weather one day and a snowy blizzard the next!

This can really confuse nature...some trees never lost all of their leaves and others show buds ready to burst open and announce that spring is here!

So for that reason this post will focus on some snowy resources that you can use any day whether it is frosty or sunny!

So with Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of winter, here are 3 Fun Snowy Resources and Ideas for your Early Learners:

1.  Bring the Snowman inside with this fun maze worksheet. For more creative preschool activities, go to Education.com!

At first glance you might think...this is just a simple maze, but do you all the benefits of children completing mazes and the skills involved?



Following a maze allows emergent readers to practice tracking skills and adds to eye development.  I had a few children in my previous classes who had difficulty tracking left to right when reading and a developmental ophthalmologist suggested doing mazes!

 Hand Eye Coordination:  
Mazes also provide support of hand and eye coordination which supports the ability to pick up, grasp and manipulate objects. As the hand moves the eyes and brain have to ready to make the turns to coordinate with the eyes.  Throwing a ball against a wall and then catching it is another idea to support this skill.

Brain Development:
Following mazes support developing both sides of the brain.  When brain dominance has not been developed and there is a mixed dominance, mazes help the brain to figure out a dominant side or can also develop both sides.

Fine Motor Skills:
Mazes also develop fine motor skills.  When you complete a maze you need to move precisely between the lines of the maze to completion. This pencil/paper skills helps children write more carefully and use movements with the wrist, hands and fingers to coordinate the fine motor movement and support coordination.

Have I convinced you to grab up this maze for your kiddos?

2.  Ignite your Kinders or Firsties' Imagination with this fabulous book "Snowmen at Night" by Caralyn Buehner and See Where the Creativity Goes!

  A Wonderful Youtube Video of this Story:

A Youtube Video of Snowmen at Night set to music and the words are sung to an original tune. This is a great way to motivate your students and engage them in the story!

⛄ A Differentiated Snowman at Night Craft and Writing Activity:

If you are looking for a fun, engaging way to encourage your Kinders or Firsties to write creatively, this will definitely fit the bill and can be found right here.

Here is what is included:  

⛄3 different sized circles to trace and cut to make a snowman. These can be used as tracers or simply run them off onto card stock, cut and glue. 

Various templates for hats, shirts, a tie, and bow 

⛄2 easy writing frames.

⛄1 longer writing frame for stronger writers with handwriting lines. 

⛄1 longer writing frame for stronger writers with only lines for writing. 

⛄1 planning sheet for jotting down ideas. 

2 Beginning Middle and End frames for easier writing or just simply writing what the snowman may do for a rough draft and then writing a good copy to display. 

⛄I then add lots of beads, scraps, tissue, shape stickers, and all kinds of craft media materials to assist creativity. 

⛄An idea with an outline of directions for a lesson. 

⛄Sample craft. 

3. Have some fun with Snow Dough!

⛄  All kids love snow or at least most of them do...

If they have ever played in snow, they will remember the cold crackling feeling of making a snowman, snow angel or snowball.

You can make snow dough with simply 2 ingredients...YES...I did say 2.  Baking soda and water.  All you need is one cup of Baking soda and 1/4 cup of water and you will bring that cold snow right into your classroom.  

Here are a few ideas to use this in your classroom:

⛄Make it and simply let your kiddos play with it...this "snow" feels cold, which makes it even "cooler" to manipulate.  This is great for sensory needs and you can talk a little about Science!

⛄Create a snowman. Name the snowman and use a frame from the packet above or you own frame to write a story about your snowman.

Create a snow scene by adding small trucks, people, cars, houses etc.

There you have it...a few FUN WAYS TO BRING THE SNOW INTO YOUR CLASSROOM OR HOME! Don't wait too long...it will be spring before you know it!