The Mother's Day gifts were completed this morning with my daughter's Kinders like 7years ago!  Yes you read that correctly...

I LOVE how they turned out then and looking back they are to darn cute not to share again! 

They were soooooo adorable. You should have seen how proud each child was when they completed the project. A few just kept walking up to the display with a huge toothless smile and could not stop staring at them. We had to place them on the windowsill for ALL to see! 

So, here are the details and directions on how to create the cutest Mother's Day Gift ever...Oh did I tell you how proud the kiddos were and how cute it is? #canthelpmyselftsodarncute!

I just had to update this post in order to share it with all of you!

It is quick and easy if you have all the materials ready to go. 

This cute heart thumbprint treasure can be used for any special occasion with your own children like Aunt Katie's birthday, or Great Aunt Mary's or maybe Mimi's #hinthint (If my daughters are reading this, did you get that last part???)

 So Here are some pictures of this amazing, dazzling, sweet, not too sparkly cutest Mother's Day Gift EVER!!!!!

Materials Needed:

1.  5X7 Thin Canvases or white/colored construction drawing paper.
2.  Various Colors of acrylic paints.
3. Heart stencil (I cut one from card stock)
4. Kiddos thumbprints
5. A poem for the back, which you can copy the one I wrote or make up your own.
6. Frames from the dollar store (optional).


1.  Tape stencil onto the canvas/paper.

2.  Use paint and have each child dot their thumbprints inside the heart shape.

3.  It might look like this...PERFECT or not, but that is looks cute no matter what!

4. Take the stencil off and here is what you have!!!
5. Have the students, if they can, use a Sharpie of their choice and write Happy Mother's Day Across 
    the top and the year.  Write Love, at the bottom and then they can sign their name OR you can
    write the top and love at the bottom. and have them select a sharpie and write their name.
    This all depends on the OT needs of each child.

6.  Put the canvases/papers in a frame and glue the poem above to the back of the frame!

And there you have it...the cutest Mother's Day Gift EVER!!

You can pick up inexpensive frames at Hobby Lobby, Joanne's Fabrics and the Dollar Store or many other craft stores.

No...we are not done yet!

Here is another cute idea for Mother's Day...a little harder so it might be better for older students.  I am thinking 2nd grade or above!

This is also a treasure that can be framed and kept for years to come.  The hearts are on popscicle sticks that can be removed or kept in. for a 3-D effect!

All the directions and materials can be found right here!

Here is all that is included!   

IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO DO A CRAFT, Here is another easy peasy idea for Mother's Day!

Grab some pre-potted flowers. Have students decorate a small pot, decorate it with markers, add the potted flower and the poem included above and you are ready to celebrate Mother's Day in a flash!

Another craft idea you can create for mom, Mimi, Nana, Grandma, Aunt or whomever you want.

This can easily be mounted and turned into a card or booklet

There is also a brainstorming sheet to think of ideas to include.

f all else fails, here's the easiest one of all!
Just fill it out or have young students dictate their answers 
for the questions and an adult can scribe for them.  Easy and cute!

I have to admit...whatever you decide to create for Mother's Day, mom's will love it because it is from their child or children!

Happy Mother's Day...May this Mother's Day be the Best Ever!!!

Wait, did I just say 27 ways to celebrate Earth Day?  Yes I did and here they are:

1.  Go to a park, put some plastic gloves on and bring along some hand sanitizer and pick up that trash and put it where it the trashcan.  

2.  If you are pseudo recycling, grab a few boxes and start separating plastic, paper, cans etc. Have your students or kiddos decorate the boxes/containers and start the process.

3.  Spend a day or to to initiate a habit of conserving water with all activities that use water.  Set a timer for brushing teeth, rinsing dishes, showering etc.  In fact, turn the water off whiles actually brushing your teeth to save some water.

4.  Spend a day in school without always using the lights. Have a quiet time where students work quietly without those bright calm.

5. Have a Flashlight Day where you work using flashlights all day! Read, write and complete math using flashlights.
6.  At home have a light monitor who is in charge of turning lights off in empty rooms.

7.  Walk to school with your family instead of if you live miles away, this might not work.  Try a bicycle if that idea works!

8.  Make a list of ways you can take care of the ocean and keep the beaches clean.  in fact if you live near the beach, take a walk and clean it up!  

9.  Make a list about ways we can take care of our neighborhood, school grounds, park, ball fields in our town etc.  Then do it!

10. Create slogans to celebrate Earth Day and make a poster to Display each one at home or at school.

Don't Cause a commotion and Pollute the Ocean!


If you look closely, you will notice that the paper cut letters are covered with recyclable materials: plastic, newspaper, plastic straws, cups and other recycle materials you might find strolling down the beach or floating in the ocean.

Be a Superhero and Take Care of the Earth!

Get Caught Up in Recycling!    


    9.  Use recycling items to make crafts or a bulletin board in your classroom to show how these items can be used in different ways.

10. Plant some flowers or a small tree in your yard or school yard.

11.  Make some paper and bring some old trash to life.  I did this with my class and then we used our paper to create Mother's Day cards.  Here's a link to a site that you can use to make some paper!

12. Use an egg carton and plant flower, herb and other seeds  that can be replanted or used for cooking.

13.  Make a compost pile to fertilize your garden!

14. Feed the animals. Leave seeds for birds, nuts for squirrels and research other foods local animals would love to eat.

15.  Make a bird feeder using pinecones, seeds, lard or suet and some twine or paint a wooden bird feeder and hang feeders on a tree in your yard or school grounds.

16.  Research and learn more about the earth and create an Earth journal.

17.  Use less paper. Use both sides of. paper when writing and drawing.

18.  Use some old newspaper and paint a beautiful picture right on the newspaper.

19.  Use scraps of paper, plastic, can tabs and any thin else you can find that is recyclable and create a collage to hang in your house or bedroom.

20.  Recycle your clothing. Give your items to green drop.

21. Create new styles from you old clothing by cutting long sleeves off to make short sleeve tops. Then use the parts of sleeves for patches and create a new T-shirt.

22.  Don't throw shoes in the trash, give them to charities or others who may need them. Landfills do not need clothing or shoes...Research why with your kids.

23.  Use reusable bags when shopping or storing items.  Stop using plastic and paper bags.

24.  In fact, make a cloth bag out of your old clothes!  Tee shirts are great for this!

25.  Encourage your students and children to explore nature. Take a nature walk and observe.  Discuss why it is important to have these resources in your 
 26.  Collect some treasures from a walk in the woods and make a treasure box to hold jewelry or other  items.

27. Have students create a game using items from nature like our ancestors did!

I think I have given you enough ideas to get started and I am sure you can come up with tons of other ideas to teach your students and kiddos why we need to care care of the Earth and to have an Earth Mindset!

I would LOVE to hear your ideas too!  Please leave a comment about what you have done t home or in school to LOVE THE EARTH!

If you are interested, I have a few resources for Earth Day  you might want to take a look at to see if they might be fun for use with your students or kiddos. 

Happy Earth Day!

I know we are in the middle of April and your probably thinking why are you just getting around to writing this post NOW!

Well...I have perfectly good explanation:  I was on a 5 week vacay basking in the sun and was just simply too lazy to bad!  

BUT, there are still 12 days left in April and you still have time to encourage your students to create poems and of course there is still time to use these perfect poetry frames during Poetry Month or any time!

April is Poetry Month...5 Reasons to Use Poetry Frames with Your Students 

🌸 Teach your students to write poetry easily with poetry frames and graphic organizers to ensure success with writing different types of poems.

🌸 Build confidence with poetry writing. There is not any guessing.  Frames guide your students through the poetry writing process with ease.

🌸 Students do not have to continually think,"Wait, how many syllables does line one need? Let me check!" The frames have everything written under each space as a reminder of what each type of poem needs to be written in correct poetic form, which makes  poetry writing EASIER for your students.  The expectations are right there!

🌸 When children feel confident, they are more willing to take risks and try new types of writing or really try pretty much any new concept.  So frames encourage your writers to take risks and if they are successful, they will want to write more and more and more...In my case, my students asked to write more poems during recess! 

🌸 Frames encourage creativity. They know the expectations and are willing to think more creatively because the expectations for each poem are written under each space to guide them through the process. More time to allow creativity to flow and grow! 

There you have it...EASY PEASY...RIGHT?

Here are 2 SAMPLES of Cinquains written by first graders...YES!  FIRST GRADE.

Wondering where you can find some easy poetry frames for your students?

I have got you covered.

Take a look below and see if these will work for you and your students.  Happy April!

ANNNDDDD. DRUMROLL PLEASE...Here is a Freebie for you!  Free Poetry Posters