We all know that in the winter kids get a little stir crazy because of the colder weather. Which is why all teachers need to have fun hands-on activities for kids to do in the classroom to not only burn off their energy but to also keep them learning.

Snowman-themed literacy games

That is why we created this free snowman-themed literacy game pack that you can download here today.

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Why you should use these free winter activities for your literacy centers

Literacy centers are important: 

  • For gaining independence
  • For students to take ownership of their learning
  • As it is an effective strategy to help young learners practice skills while gaining social skills and writing skills.
  • Centers can be used as informal assessment
  • Centers meet individual learning styles and are usually hands on learning.
  • Centers can be differentianted in that you assign slkills according the various student needs.

Also, while kids are working independently at centers it gives you a chance to work with small groups of students and differentiate instruction based on students needs.

Snowman-Themed Literacy Games Freebie Includes

First of all,

This free printable pack includes a compound word game activity. Students will build snowmen and compound words and record their finding on the paper provided.
It includes making snowmen by matching antonym words. This can be used as a different center or a rotating center all winter long.

Next up on this free winter printable pack,

Next up on this free winter printable pack it includes making snowmen by matching antonym words. This can be used as a different center or a rotating center all winter long.

Also, included in this free printable snowman-themed literacy games pack

A pronoun and proper noun matching activity. Students will create snowmen by matching the proper noun to the matching pronoun.

And...there's MORE,

We also include a free synonym snowman matching game too! Students will find words that mean the same thing to create the snowman.

In addition,

We include a contraction snowmen matching activity that will make practicing contractions fun and more hands-on than just a worksheet.


In this freebie we have igloo sentence making activity as a free bonus activity. Students will look at the words on the cards and match the naming part on one igloo to the action part on another igloo to make full correct sentences.

Ways to Turn These Free Printables into Games

Not only are these free but you can easily take these literacy centers and turn them into snowmen-themed literacy games to practice mastering these skills in a more hands-on way.

Here are some ways to turn these free printables into snowmen-themed literacy games:

  1. Make it a competition by having students compete against each other to match all the snowman first.

  2. Create an obstacle course to grab the second part of the snowman and match it to the right top half of the snowman.

  3. Use these printables as a game of scoot. Place the snowman cards in circle and have students walk around to match their snowman to the other part. Then they can share with the class the answer.

  4. Use them as a way to create partners or a seek and find for a particular skill where you give a student one part of the snowman and they need to seek and find their partner.

Make your literacy centers easy with these snowman-themed literacy games and free printables today! Grab the link here