While working with some students with Special
Education needs, who were having some difficulties with letter recognition, I decided to try this idea and the kiddos LOVED it. They ask if they can trace and say the letter every time I work with them!  I simply took some "sparkle foam letter stickers" and stuck them onto some paper.  As the children look at the random letters, they trace and say the letter and sound.  So for W, they would say, W, /w/, wind or any word that they know that might begin with that beginning sound.

This was so easy to make and the sparkles feel like sandpaper when you trace them so the students are getting tactile and sensory needs met.  Why not give it a try?  ( I now have to fins some lowercase letters, but for now this is working quite well!!) ENJOY!
A few weeks back, I was having breakfast with my daughter and granddaughter. We were relaxing and eating chocolate chip pancakes (I am supposed to be dieting, but I couldn't resist...actually it is becoming a Sunday ritual. Well....I probably indulge in pancakes more than I should!)

Anyway, as we were sitting and chatting, a young man looked at me and said,"Aren't you Mrs. Simpson?" I hesitated and replied,"Yes." As he was about to say, "You probab...," I quickly blurted out, " Joseph? Oh my goodness! How are you?"  He then in complete shock," You remember me?  I can't believe it!" I remarked, "Yes, I took away the beard and all the other facial hair, shrunk you down and looked at your eyes!" Somehow in a nanosecond I KNEW exactly who he was!  "Wow, you are good," he responded. He then introduced me to his wife who was expecting in a few months and caught me up on his life since first grade.  I told him how proud I was of his accomplishments and began to share that I had just looked at something that was from him. He interrupted,"It was a Christmas ornament that I made for you!" I answered, "Yes, it was. I still have it and hang it on my Christmas tree every year."  We then chatted about his family and future family.  We hugged and I left one of my favorite breakfast spots feeling uplifted and content.  He was such a nice young man...polite and respectful.  I taught him in first grade about 24 years ago. I thought to myself isn't funny how you can see someone who you have not seen in over 2 decades and recognize him by his eyes?

You know what..teaching is a great profession.  Although it is extremely time consuming, which not one person realizes unless you are an elementary school teacher,  it is also rewarding... especially when one of your students becomes a successful adult and you bump into him or her later in life...what more could you ask for as a teacher?