It is NEVER Too Late to Get Organized So... I decided to remove all my shoes out of the closet to reorganize and see exactly what I had going on in there.  After all, I am retired and isn't that something all retirees should do at some point during the fall when everyone is back teaching and you are sitting home? Of course the shoes were, and I emphasize were, in pairs, but it was a challenging job to get them all out so I thought...oh let me just remove them from the closet as quickly as I can and I can pair them up as I put them back in...well...when I turned around...this is what I found. Now...just to help you with this visual image (we tell our students to visualize as a a comprehension strategy. So...we probably should do the same) the pile was about 2 feet high and 5-6 feet wide with shoes in every which direction...I am thinking my infinite wisdom was a little off last night! Why did I decide to tackle this project at 9PM tonight?  I am still trying to answer that question! 

Now...I did get all the shoes minus a few pairs that made it into the trash back into the closet and there were 112 pairs of shoes...perhaps, as friends suggested...I am the Imelda Marcos of Springfield, but somehow I think there is someone out there who may have more shoes than I do...I know my friend Cleo did and she is up above tap dancing on the clouds with glee in her leopard stilettos I write this!!

If you are a teacher, you may already see where I am going with this and how this relates to teaching without the connection I am about to share.  How many times did you think about reorganizing or throwing something out only to find that you were afraid you might need it somewhere down the road? Some of you probably thought this very thought before you left school or work today! is my suggestion...scan it and save it on your thumb-drive, flash-drive or whatever you want to call it and toss the hard copy in the trash! This idea is more for the seasoned teacher than the youngin's because the "newbies" have been doing this before they became teachers and that is why their classrooms appear to be so much more organized.  Of course we ALL start the year extremely organized, but then it happens...the kiddos come in and it is nonstop till June! So here comes suggestion 2:  After each unit of study, before leaving school for the weekend, quickly go through what you REALLY need and toss the rest.  Let's face the facts, even if you toss it, need it later and forget to save it, chances are someone will have it on their flash-drive and you WILL have it!

Some researchers feel that an organized classroom leads to better learning because children are less distracted.  I have added some sites and books that you can browse to support organization in the classroom below!

The Organized Teacher

The Cornerstone

So...Let's get going!