Some Fun Ways to Reinforce Letter Recognition

Some Fun Ideas to Reinforce Letter Recognition

While working with some students with Special
Education needs, who were having some difficulties with letter recognition, I decided to try this idea and the kiddos LOVED it. They ask if they can trace and say the letter every time I work with them!  I simply took some "sparkle foam letter stickers" and stuck them onto some paper.  As the children look at the random letters, they trace and say the letter and sound.  So for W, they would say, W, /w/, wind or any word that they know that might begin with that beginning sound.

This was so easy to make and the sparkles feel like sandpaper when you trace them so the students are getting tactile and sensory needs met.  Why not give it a try?  ( I now have to find some lowercase letters, but for now this is working quite well!!) ENJOY!

Another Fun Idea to that Really Works Well 

                                                                    We placed wooden or plastic letters in a brown paper bagged. The student reached into the bag AND TOUCHED THE LETTERS WITHOUT PEEKING...then visualised what they had touched!  

After a few seconds of feeling the letter, the students tried to guess the letter that was in the bag!  Sometimes we would pass the bag around the circle and keep our thoughts of what letter it could be a secret until the last person had a change to feel the letter shape!

Another oldie but goodie is to have one student or the teacher use skywriting to make a letter in the air and students can guess what letter was written. in the air.

How about Trying Geoboard Letters?

Kids love to make designs on Geoboards!  So how 
about turning that enthusiasm into creating letters on
Geoboards!  You can call out a letter or pull one out of a jar and have the kiddos create that letter on their board.  Fun for everyone!

Writing Letters in SAND

I have done this with my grandkids at the shore and we have also written letters in the SNOW...yep in the snow!  You can also try shaving cream on a cookie sheet too!  

Clay or Play-Doh Letters

Using clay is always a fun idea when learning to recognize letters!  

You can simply call out a letter and see how creative they can be with making the letter out of Clay or Play-Doh. Easy and very little prep.  keep a asket with clay handy and pull it out as needed.

Make Some beaded Alphabet Bracelet

Call out a letter and have each student or the student you are working with thread the letter on string or a pipe cleaner.  After all the letters are on, ask the students to read back the letters!  EASY PEASY!        

Have you Tried Creating Letters from Magnet Shapes?

Add some fun with magnet tiles. Children try to create letters using these tiles. They come in many different shapes and connect to each other! JUST IMAGINE ALL THE FUN!!!

I hope these Letter recognition activities support your child with getting ready for kindergarten.
I hope you will with these captivating letter recognition activities helpful and FUN! 
These hands-on activities for preschool and kindergarteners will set the stage for literacy success. 

I would love to hear your ideas in the comments! Happy Learning!