Yes...It's That Time of Year Again is almost Spring Break, but what comes with Spring Break is CHAOS with a capital "C"...
What does that mean? It means that most likely in your school district report cards and data are due; parent conferences are coming SOON and if your climate is like that of the Northeastern part of the US, it is raining, snowing or both and your kids are INSIDE for recess and to top it off...there is most likely a FULL MOON! No one really understands this except a teacher! Yesterday my daughter called me a said," My kiddos are really active this week!"  I replied,"There is a full moon, right?" "Yes!" Well there is the answer. No kidding there is something called "The Lunar Effect" and although many articles say there is nor correlation, some say that the light of the moon effects quality of sleep and some individuals may be sleep deprived and this can cause a change in behavior!  Well all I know is when I taught I DID notice a change in the behavior of my students and I simply said, "It is a full moon!" I never really thought about the scientific connection!

 I really don't know for sure that there is such an effect, but who knows?  What do you think? Have you noticed a difference when there is a full moon or do you think it is the power of suggestion?

But all that aside...I am sure it is a Chaotic time of year for teachers. My advice is to keep focused on your goal, embrace the chaos and know that this too shall pass...if anything, you know for certain that you can't change some things, but the moon will definitely change into a new phrase...Keep on Truckin'!