6 Things You Did Not Know about Peeps

Peeps were created in 1953 and as I was growing up, they were the biggest CRAZE...and of course like every other kid on my block, they were as popular as Shopkins and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them!!! These sweet treats are sweeter than sweet and now I just look at them because all i can think about is how many inches or pounds will I gain by eating a few and then of course I DON'T have any willpower so...#peepsnopeeps.

Now if I do serve them, I make fruit kabobs and place them in the middle and top of the kabob with strawberries, pineapple chunks, banana pieces and melon balls placed in between or should I say Peeps placed in between #peepswithfruit or #fruitwithpeeps ... your choice.  Actually these are really a yummy treat! Maybe I will be making these tomorrow or not!!

So...how do you eat your PEEPS? 

Here is an interesting article about...yes...you guessed it PEEPS!! 6 Things You Did Not Know about Peeps!!!
These are the original PEEPS!!

Here is another idea that was sent to me from a former colleague and friend, Lindsay.  This is her sunflower brownie Peep she made for the Easter Holiday and of course it was found on none other than Pinterest!!! Doesn't it look scrumptious?????