A Cute Mother's Day Idea and a Few More!

I wasn't planning to write a post about Mother's Day, but then I had this really cute idea that I can't even actually show you because I have not exactly completed it yet! I know that is not exactly how you are supposed to do things in the #teachepreneur world, but I was just so super excited about the idea that I could not contain myself and I just had to share it with ya'll...okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea...at least I hope you understand and forgive me for sharing before the actual product is not completed!  I am hoping you will thank me for showing you this adorable, cute, priceless, tear inducing, wonderful, heart-warming Mother's Day idea that I am helping my daughter create with her Kinders. (if you know any of the Moms from her class, please don't share #kidding #notkidding).

So here is the project that we did for an auction for my granddaughter's preschool to raise money for the school.  I LOVE it SO MUCH that if my bid doesn't win, which probably won't, I am making another using my grandkid's thumbprints!

So here is what we did with the preschool class...not for Mother's Day.  Hold tight...my idea will be shared in a minute.

* Brown paper bag to make heart-shaped stencil
* Paper plates to squeeze paint onto
* Acrylic Paints in various colors
* Kiddos
* Patience
* Wipes to clean up the mess

1. Make a heart stencil out of a brown paper grocery bag and tape the cut out part of the heart to a 16x20 in canvas so only a white heart-shaped canvas is visible...no messy spotted canvas if a child misplaces his/her thumbprint.  If you would like, you can pain the canvas a color and let it dry before creating the heart!

2. As each child comes up, have them choose a color for their thumbprint.

3.  First have them place their thumbprint by their name on the Key, which will be glued to the back of the canvas to show which color belongs to each child.

4.  Each child then stamps their print many times onto the white part of the canvas within the heart shape.

5. Continue in this manner until all children have participated.

6.  Paint or stencil a saying or phrase across the top and bottom of the canvas.

7. Voila! A beautiful wall hanging! Colors can be changed to your liking!

Are you following me here?  Can you guess what I am thinking for the Mother's Day gift?
That's RIGHT...you guess it! Individual 5x7 in canvases for each child...smaller heart stencils...colors of choice and Happy Mothers Day printed across the top and the date at the bottom!

Like I said, crazy idea or not, we are doing it this week!!  I will post some picks when they are completed!

Here is an idea of what it might look like:
This was created on the computer!

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Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!!