Fluttering into Spring with Butterflies 3 Great Crafts to Enrich your Butterfly Unit

 Can, Have, Are Anchor Chart for Kinders. I scribed and they showed their learning and ideas about butterflies!

One of my all time favorite Units to teach is/was my butterfly unit #ilovebutterflies.  I always adored those fun hands on type lessons and when they included crafts...Well even better as I was right there ready to get down and dirty...slip and slid in the mud, get those magnifying glasses out and search high and low for those wiggly creatures...YEP...you guessed it caterpillars.  I love the excitement and curiosity of primary children as they learn about insects or other creepy crawly BUGS!

Years ago, we did a butterfly unit in second grade and raised butterflies...the kiddos LOVED this and we did so many activities to support this science life cycle unit. The class especially LOVED and were so excited when we released the butterflies. We would put out a half of a water melon and watch them go back and forth from the watermelon to the bushes and trees and then fly off into the distance. Creepy, Crawly, Joy, Fuzzy and all the rest, who were given names, were never to be seen again, but once in awhile a student would think they saw "theirs" fluttering away on the playground! 

A few years later it was decided that this unit would be a first grade unit...so, as a looping teacher, who looped with first and second grade....I taught this unit again and again and again in first grade and was able to stretch into second grade to nurture the excitement and curiosity of young minds at work!

Now...I am helping my daughter (I volunteer 2 days /per week in her classroom), who teaches Kinders and we are adapting these lessons, that I created, for Kindergarten. OH and before I forget, my granddaughter also raised and released butterflies in nursery school this year. I guess you can't get enough of butterflies.  

So...because #ilovebutterflies so much....actually all science lessons, just need the time to go through all my files so I can share all of them...that may take more years than I have left on this earth, I have included some great #craftivities using butterflies for your classroom use...the ideas are free.  You will just have to follow the directions, which I am pretty sure you will not have any trouble doing.
So here you go:

1.  Paper plate Butterfly sequencing activity.

  • You will need a white paper plate divided into 4 sections depending on students, you can have them use rulers and draw the lines or pre-draw before the activity.
  • Pre-cut leaves and thin brown strips for branches (only if you are working with younger students).
  • Colored tissue paper cut into small squares(I ordered a box of pre-cut tissue squares from Lakeshore and it has lasted me 5 years!!!)
  • Various pasta shapes. I used Orzo for the egg on the leaf, Rotoni for the caterpillar, Shell pasta for the chrysalis and Bow Tie pasta for the butterfly!
  • Glue
  • Patience

We made sure that this activity with SpEd Kinders was extremely structured. We did the activity step by step together at the table.

The tissue was used for the grass and flowers....Voila! Here are the children's finished products!

2.  3-D Butterflies

  •  For each child you will need:
  • A piece of tinfoil
  • 2 pieces of colored tissue paper
  • Thin Markers
  • Small foam shape stickers
  • Clothespin
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Patience

Give each child the tissue paper and stickers. The students were taught about symmetry and butterflies so they were trying to make their butterflies symmetrical...I am not so sure how symmetrical they were,but hey we are only in kindergarten.

After they have completed the decorating of the tissue paper, They put the tinfoil as the bottom layer and squeezed the paper together as shown.  They decorated the clothespin and made the antennae or a short pipe cleaner.

It was then assembled with a little help from the adults and voila...there is your cute little butterfly!

3. Butterfly Life Cycle Sequencing Crowns, which can be found in my Butterfly resource on TpT Sunshine and Lollipops  It is all ready to print and use!!!

  • For each child you will need:
  • A butterfly template copied on card stock in different colors ( I pre-cut these for the Kinders due to fine motor limitations). However, depending on your class, you can differentiate. 
  • Strips of paper for sequencing and creating the headband.
  • Sequencing pages, which are differentiated in my resource. You can pick individually for each child depending on their needs.
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Glue

Add crumpled tissue paper to cover the dots on the butterfly!

Cut out the sequence sheets provided.
After gluing the strips of paper on the sides to form the headband part on the activity, glue the picture in order 1,2,3,4!  We did need to trim the edges of the headbands a bit before fitting onto the kiddos' heads, but they were sooooooooo cute!!

So here are a few of my favorite activities to use with thisMini Butterfly Unit.. or any butterfly unit for that matter...Oh and there are still a few little secrets in my Butterfly Resource....I mean I can't divulge all my deep dark secrets! Enjoy learning about butterflies and these crafts and ideas!