5 + Fun Ways to Make St. Patrick's Day Fun for Kids at Home or at School

For some reason...and I am not really sure why...I always LOVED to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with my kiddos at home and my kiddos at school. Whether it was making Irish Potatoes or leaving notes from a Leprechaun, the magic of this day added a well deserved break to the everyday ho-hum that sometimes sets in around this time of year.
I mean winters can be long and we are waiting for SPRING to SPRING!!
So to spice up your life a bit and bring a little MAGIC right through your door...

Here are 5 + Ways to Make St. Patrick's Day Fun for Kids at Home or at School...

 Let the Leprechauns Make Some Mischief:

Turn your classroom or one of your rooms in your house upside down.

1. Grab some shamrock confetti and sprinkle it everywhere.

2.  Add a few pieces of curled green ribbon on top of shelves or even around lamps.

3.  Turn a few chairs upside down.

4.  Add some footprints around the room, which you can purchase online or make yourself.

5. Don't forget to hide a letter from your mischievous leprechaun so your kiddos see it or find it in the morning!!!

Here is a Letter I used a few Years back: 
Top of the Mornin” to ya boys and girls- 
Me thinks it is Fun Friday and yer celebratin’ St. Patrick’s Day taday!

Me peeked through the window yesterday n’ I saw ya in Cougar Crossing and stations. I peeked in 4 or 5 times durin’ the day. I decided that most of ya deserved to have an extra treat today even tho’ some of ya did not get all yer stations finished. So, I called Mrs. Simpson and told her to buy ya something special. Now, I noticed that ya were all always listen’, I figured we’re celebratin’ St. Patrick’s Day taday and you ALL are deservin’ of gettin’ a special treat! Happy Day! Oh did ya notice anything different in ya room today!! I visited last night!
 Add a Few Fun Crafts to Get Those Minds Churning:
Here are a few crafts and writing ideas that I have created and used over the years.  that I am sure your kids would LOVE to create. It would make a great Bulletin Board or even look awesome hanging on your refrigerator!!! 



You can find direction for these Right HERE: It even has letters for a Bulletin Board!!!

Now here is my absolute fave to celebrate this Magical Holiday:

Are you read?  Drum Roll Please....tat, tat, tat, boom, boom, boom...I know you can hear it!!! TAH DAH!!!!!!!

So You Want to be a Leprechaun will bring out the inner leprechaun in everyone...teachers, parents, student, kids, aunts, uncles...EVERYONE!  You can find the craft and application for the job right here:

OOPS! I almost FORGOT...Here's a Dollar Deal for you so your kiddos can write some Irish limericks!Here you go!

 Adding a St. Patrick's Day Theme to Any Kind of Worksheet Always Adds a Bit of Fun to Learning!

For some reason when you simply add a theme to a worksheet, it is a game changer and your kiddos think there is something magical and different from just a plain 'ole worksheet. So...Ramp up your celebrations with this St. Patrick's Day subtraction worksheet.                                                     

For more engaging Math activities Click HERE:

You will absolutely LOVE all the resources you can find on Education.com

 Add Some Cooking to the Day: IRISH POTATO CANDY

I remember a few years back when I was braver and younger, I actually had cooperative groups make Irish Potatoes!  Yes you read that correctly....can you imagine a bunch or first graders making these? MESSY? YOU BET!  FUN? ABSOLUTELY!!

I am thinking you might need to add this idea and bring a little Irish Treat into your classroom or kitchen! This exactly the recipe I used. NO COOK and EASY PEASY! I typed up the recipe on paper and then glued to shamrocks, had a few adult volunteers in to help and there you have it!!!  
 I am Thinking you NEED to Add Some Science into your Day:
Okay...we have some mischievous fun, some leprechaun writing and application along with magical crafts and some great math ideas from education.com . Now we need some science or STEM activities to complete our day!

These ideas will keep your kiddos looking for leprechauns for at least 10 years if not more!! I mean I have been trying to find them for years and years and years! Oh and don't forget to make a pair of rainbow binoculars to stake out the trap!!

Well there you have it 5 + Ways to Make St. Patrick's Day Fun at Home or at School

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? be sure to let me know in the Comments! Thank for stopping by and I hope this brings a little sunshine to your day!!