5 Back to School Crafts to Build Classroom Community

As we gear up for another exciting school year, it's time to embrace the spirit of unity and camaraderie as we return to school. 

Building a strong and supportive community is the foundation for fostering a positive learning environment where your students can all feel welcome and an important member of your classroom community. 

By coming together, sharing experiences, and celebrating diversity, we pave the way for a memorable and rewarding educational journey. As we embark on this new chapter, let's embrace the power of togetherness and create lasting connections that will enrich our lives both inside and outside the classroom. Welcome back to school, where community is key!

But before diving into some Back to School ideas that support classroom community building, you might want to take a look at a blog post I created a few years back, that still holds true today. 3 Ways to Help Students Become Active Members of Your Classroom Community or Feel Included

That being said, here are five back-to-school craft ideas that can help build a sense of community for your primary students: 

 Friendship Bracelets: 

Have the kids create friendship bracelets with colorful beads and strings or use the paper bracelets with friendship sayings on, which I have included below.  Simply color, punch holes on each end and use partner sticks to pick partners and encourage students to exchange bracelets with their classmates as a way to foster friendship and community. 

 Getting to Know You Craft:  

Have students make a replica of themselves with templates that have specific prompts so every student and teacher can get to know a bit more about the each other. I would suggest that teachers also create one ahead of time.  After each project is created. have students share one thing from their project that they want their teachers and peers to know about them.

My granddaughter, who is entering first grade this year, created this craft of herself and decided that she wanted to glue ideas about herself on a sentence strip instead of creating a mobile and of course, I said, "That's a great idea and much easier than the mobile!" I LOVE to encourage creativity when I teach to promote self confidence, critical thinking nd creativity!

 Welcome Banner: 

Have you first graders fill in a Banner flag writing in specific information about themselves, such as; favorite color, number, hobbies, etc.  Students can partner share or museum share their flags and then hang them in the hallway as a banner or glue each flag on construction paper and hang across the hallway outside your classroom.  These Banners are included in the Getting to Know YOU Craft activity as a  BONUS.


Me Bags:  

                                                                                       Each child decorates a brown paper bag and places                                                                                         objects, pictures, drawings and pretty much                                                                                                     anything that gives information about themselves.                                                                                               They can think about hobbies, sports, favorite colors, favorite books, favorite trips, places etc.  For this edition of ME BAGSI printed out images with words so students can cut, color and write on the pictures that most tell about them. This makes a great first week project!

Story Book Sharing: 

Encourage your first graders to use the Back to school booklet that shares information about themselves or experiences. Then, have a story-sharing session where they can read their stories aloud to the class, promoting listening skills and empathy. You can also have a partner share and then have a few students share about their partner each day throughout the week.

These craft activities will not only be fun but also provide an opportunity for first graders to connect, communicate, and build a strong sense of community as they begin the new school year.
Happy Learning!

Let's create friendships, one craft at a time.  
New school year, new friends, and new memories!