Jingle ALL THE WAY: Fun Writing Ideas and Activities for First and Second Graders this December

Jingle All the Way: Fun Writing Ideas for First Graders this December

Getting kids to focus on anything in December is a task in itself! 

They are preoccupied with thinking about their time off and you are busy trying to make school fun while balancing all your holiday shopping too.  I totally get how hard this season is which is why I created this easy no prep writing pack for December. 

Jingle All the Way: Creative Writing Prompts for First Graders
Make writing enjoyable for this crazy season with some engaging holiday themed writing prompts.  Here are some examples of the fun and festive writing prompts included for first graders:

🦌 If I Were a Reindeer ... 

This prompt allows children to imagine themselves as one of Santa's reindeer and write about their adventures. They can describe what they would do, where they would go, and how they would help Santa deliver presents.

🎄 My Favorite Holiday Tradition is...

This prompt encourages children to write about their favorite holiday tradition. They can describe what they do, who they do it with, and why it is special to them. This prompt not only helps children practice their writing skills but also allows them to reflect on the traditions that bring joy to their lives.

🎁 The Best Gift I Ever Received was...

Children can write about the best gift they have ever received during the holiday season. They can describe what the gift was, who gave it to them, and why it was so special. This prompt allows children to express gratitude and appreciation for the gifts they have received.
In my no prep writing bundle you will find over 40 different writing prompts and activities for a complete December writing journal.    

🕎  My Favorite Holiday is...

Students can write about their favorite holiday and share holidays and customs that their families celebrate that may be different or the same as their peers.   This encourages opportunities for students to write about Hanukkah, Los Posadas, Diwali and many other holidays celebrated.

These are just a few samples of the prompts that are included in this amazing writing resource.

Do you know how many special days are recognized during the month of December? I didn't think so. I didn't either until I started researching National Holidays for my December Writing Pack.   Here are just a few of the days your students can write about in December!

In addition to creative writing prompts and writing frames to celebrate special days, there are prompts to write memos, lists, thank you notes and friendly letters.

And...to make a bit easier for you and your kiddos, we've included ideas for writing lists, memos, thank you notes and friendly letters right at your fingertips!!!

We are not done YET...These Festive Writing Activities for First and Second Graders to Celebrate the Holiday Season is JUST the beginning!

HERE are several festive writing activities and suggestions that are not included in the December Writing packet that first and second grades can engage in to celebrate the holiday season. 

🎉 Creating Holiday Cards    

First graders can create their own holiday cards for their family and friends. They can write personalized messages inside the cards, expressing their love and holiday wishes. This activity not only allows children to practice their writing skills but also encourages them to spread joy and cheer to others. Check out all the ideas here from Lake Mac Family Life Digital Magazine

✏️ Writing Letters to Santa

Writing letters to Santa is a classic holiday activity that first graders can enjoy. They can write about their wishes, dreams, and what they have been good at throughout the year. This activity not only helps children practice their writing skills but also encourages them to think about others and express their desires in a thoughtful manner.

📝 Keeping a Holiday Journal

First graders can keep a holiday journal where they can write about their daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings during the holiday season. They can document their favorite moments, activities, and traditions. This activity not only helps children improve their writing skills but also allows them to reflect on the joy and excitement of the holiday season.

In my December journal that is print and go you will find letter writing activities in there already done for you!  Take a look here

Tips for Encouraging First Graders to Write during the Holiday Season

Keeping first graders engaged in writing during the holiday season can be challenging, as they may be distracted by the festivities and excitement around them. 

Here are some tips for encouraging first graders to write during the holiday season:

⏰ Set aside dedicated writing time

Create a schedule that includes dedicated writing time for first graders. This can be done at home or in the classroom. By setting aside specific time for writing, children will understand that it is an important activity that needs to be prioritized.

😊 Incorporate fun holiday-themed prompts

Use these creative writing prompts that are related to the holiday season. This will make writing more enjoyable for first graders as they can express their thoughts and ideas in a festive context. By incorporating holiday themes into their writing assignments, children will be more motivated to write.

⭐️ Provide positive reinforcement and feedback

Encourage first graders by providing positive reinforcement and feedback on their writing. Celebrate their achievements and improvements, and provide constructive feedback to help them grow as writers. By acknowledging their efforts, children will feel motivated to continue writing and improving their skills.

Make your life easier too by downloading my December journal writing pack that includes letter writing activities, explanatory writing prompts, and everything else fun and seasonal that your kids will love! December Writing Prompts

I hope you find these ideas helpful to encourage your students and children to WRITE ON and ON and ON!

Happy Holidays!