8 Tips and a Few Thoughts about Organizing Any Classroom

I have decided to write a short...very short blog about organization and then show some photos of ways to organize that are pretty much self explanatory. So here goes...my advice...is to be ORGANIZED BEFORE THE KIDDOS STEP INTO THE CLASSROOM and ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, LABEL, LABEL LABEL!!! You can never be too organized if you are    a primary teacher!  If you start at the beginning you will feel less stressed all year long.

Writing Station!
A few tips:

  1. Put all game pieces and boards in file folders or if they don't fit in folders, put them in a shelving unit with drawers and make each drawer for each game and label the front of each drawer.
  2. Use a basket to store class books and label the basket.        
    Class books, suggested reading, 
    chair to read, whisper phones 
    all labeled and ready to use!

  3. Use a basket for kiddos to turn in finished work and homework and label it.
  4. Use folders with pockets for Daily 5 and stations labeled with YES and NO for completed or not completed work and have a basket for these labeled.
  5. Use can holders rubber or plastic as shown below in the picture for scissors, pencils, markers 
    Organizational ideas from cup holders 
    for pencils to baskets for station, Daily 5 
    and center activities and games.
    etc and label. I usually color coordinate by table by colors and all materials are coordinated for each table.
  6. Use bins and storage for ALL materials and label.
  7. Use shoe boxes or small index card files for sight words or rubber band each set and place in a shoebox and label. this is easy access for your word wall etc.
  8. Use dish drains with slots for storing materials at station with files for differentiation.
Reading Center with reading buddies,
labeled book bins and more!
Color coordinated tables! 

I know you get the idea.  I cannot emphasize enough how important getting your room organized before the first day of school is...so think about it now and be ready for the fall...you won't regret it! It will make you feel so much better as the year progresses.  Check out more images for Classroom Organization on My Pinterest Board. I have organizational tips and images from  all over the place...LOL!
Game organization...doesn't have to be
Pinterest fancy...just labeled for identification!

Another game!

Bookmarks so everyone knows just 
where the book they picked belongs! 
A name is on the back of each wand 
and the kiddos place it in the 
basket where they chose the book 
and take it out when they are finished