Thumbs Up to the TpT Conference

I am back from Vegas and survived the fast paced whirlwind of a this amazing town...I left the dings and dongs of slot machines and the crooners singing in lounges to come home to the stillness, heat and humidity of PA...overwhelmed, but ready to create, create, create and create more...I am exhausted thinking about it!!  

But, as the saying goes "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."  But, what I say is "What happens in Vegas needs to be shared!"  I have not been to Las Vegas in over 26 years and it has really changed. Over 42 million tourists came through this hoppin' town last year! 

This year my friend Kimberly (Kimberly's Kindergarten) and I hopped on an airplane and flew to Las Vegas to become 2 of those 40+ million people visiting! We attended the Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) Conference for the first time!  

We met fellow shop owners, saw some incredible teacherpreneurs and of course teacher celebs, learned about marketing, blogging, Pinterest and Instagram, which I cannot figure out if my life depended on it...HELP!  Anyone interested in teaching an old dog new tricks????

From left to right...Stephanie, Cheryl, Me, Stacie, Kimberly...Miss you!
BUT...the highlight of our amazing journey was meeting up with Stacie from Teacher Life is GoodStephanie from First Grade Bangs  and Cheryl who is a newbie of our newfound friends. It is rare to meet people and hit it off so quickly, but these incredible women became our partners in crime and it seemed as though we had been friends forever!  We ate, drank,laughed,were merry and were ALL excited to make our first million, which seems a little off in the distance,but we were told that we needed to look in the mirror and say," I want to be a millionaire" and it might just happen. Believe me if it does, you will be the first to know and maybe you'll be coming to Vegas with us next year all expenses paid...well, don't hold your breath...wait that is a negative thought...THINK POSITIVE...You never know!!!

What was the highlight of your trip this year?