It is HERE...It's Ready...Are you Ready for Room 102's Classroom REVEAL?

It is here...what you have all been waiting for...YES that is right...without further is the classroom reveal of Room 102...Whoo Hoo
If you ask me, that is a silly question because this is what YOU have been waiting least I hope it is what you are waiting for...I know, I know, it took a bit longer than you expected, but really you will not be sorry you waited. You will Love what we have done with Room 102.

Now, do you remember what it looked a few weeks back?  Let me refresh your memory:

Now, you remember, right?  A move to a "new" room, a "new" school and over 100 boxes later, this is what Katie walked you can only imagine the stress and the washing machine feeling in her stomach,(and mine) not to mention, that overwhelmed feeling...are you following me here?  Remembering the Motto: " baby steps!" Also "inch by inch is a cinch, mile by mile won't make you smile," my daughter and I dug into this classroom and turned it into THIS:
Are you READY?  Close your eyes and count to peeking now...scroll down and VOILA! Well actually there are tons of pictures so voila does not really work because it wasn't magic, it WAS hard work, blood, sweat and tears...wait...I am was a challenge...So without further ado 
(just looked this up to make sure it was the correct spelling and use PHEW!).  Here is ROOM 102!

Room 102's REST STOP...the fan has been turned in for an air conditioner!! WHOOO HOOO!
Relax...take a break on this tropical Beach complete with sensory fidgets and Sunshine Bear to hug..(He is not in the photo).

Happy Birthday to me....complete with birthday certificates and will be finished by the kiddos when they add their own cupcakes under the month of their birthday that they will create!!

Behavior Management Board to encourage good choices!! 

I am here! What do I do NOW?  Some visual directions to support classroom routines!!
Let's Take Off and Learn New Words:  Surfboard letters with beginning sound pictures to support learning!
Is your voice too loud?  Check the Sufin' voice meter written with Surfin' Language...if you are cranking your voice is right where it should be, but sometimes activities require a 'Flat" voice or quiet!
Some classroom rules that will be created and discuss ed with the class and then they will sign their name on a sheet that looks like these, but is  BLANK!
Can't have Kindergarten classroom without a place to read.  Here is the classroom reading spot complete with Boomer, the class dog to read with and some other fun characters: Horton, Curious George and a fave giraffe!  You may notice some blank bulletin boards...well these will be decorated with the class with Hopes and Dreams, great work and favorite is important to have some boards that the class can decorate so they feel a part of your classroom community and will then take ownership of their "space!"
Morning routines such as calendar, day of school and Morning Meeting will take place right up front...check out the rug!

 Responsive Language cards so we all remember the best words to use when supporting students in the classroom.
Let's not forget to be organized with our supplies...visible, organized and ready!!!

We can't forget our Beanie Baby Strategies...right beside the Guided Reading Table...convenient and ready to be pulled down and used when needed to reinforce or teach a reading strategy!

Taking care of ourselves is so important. So, right beside and behind Katie's desk are some inspirational/motivational quotes to make everyone who enters the room leave with a smile. At the end of the day, they can be read to realize that it really was a great day and leave the classroom with a smile!

We can't forget to make each student welcome as they enter Room 102 so there are some wonderful reminders that start with: "When you Surf into this classroom you are"...
And last,but not least here is the artwork on the right side of the door: "Let's surf into Kindergarten!" Sometime during the first week of school, Katie will place pictures of her students decked out like surfers and place them in the windows and of course...the teachers will be driving the VAN!
 And a few extra pictures to add to the plethora we have that we decided NOT to add to this POST!

So there you have it...Katie is ready to "surf into the year" and crank the waves with her kiddos in Room 102.  We would LOVE to hear your comments or maybe share an idea you are using for your classroom that relates to setting up and decor...we hope you have a sufin' good year!

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