Just a Quick Idea for Fall Especially if you Live in a Region Where Leaves and Trees Change Color

 Are you looking for a great fall activity to go along with the changing seasons? If you are, then you will LOVE this craft!  It is my absolute favorite activity for learning about the seasons. Oh and if you are wondering where I got this great Leaf photo, check out Arts n' Pix on TpT!

The activity I am going to share with you is absolutely one of my favorite activities to do when learning about fall, trees or apples. It is quick and easy, hands on and great for fine motor skills as well as learning about the seasons changing! I have done it with Kindergarten, First and Second Grade and Kindergarten-First Special Education...so I would venture to say that this wonderful...did I tell you that it is one of my favorite crafts to do and has been for probably over 20 years...yes you read that correctly...OVER 20 YEARS..back to what I was saying...this wonderful craft is great for ALL ages and Primary grades!

So here it is:  After reading a story about Apples; such as "The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree", discuss the changes an apple tree experiences all year long. Then have your students make the apple tress below and use one of the free writing frames in the freebie provided below and display the craft with the writing.    


Here is a free resource that you can use to for the writing piece:  

If you would like it, here is the link in my TpT Shop Sunshine and Lollipops Freebie for Fall!  ENJOY!!!

By the Way the great leaf photo came from one of my favorite TpT shops for Stock Photos. Check it out here: Arts n"Pix