A Cute Paper Bag Turkey with a Recipe...Cute or What?

Here is a cute turkey craft that you can make at school before Wednesday or at home with your own kiddos...Enjoy!

Well...I have to admit last year I posted this a  little late. So this year I am doing the TURKEY TROT and posting it with lots of time to spare...so round up those brown paper bags and add this adorable turkey centerpiece craft to your plans...your kiddos will love making it and the parents will absolutely LOVE it and if you add the recipe suggestions, they will even LOVE it more! YEP...If you really want to make it special, type up the recipe for Leftover Turkey here or here is another recipe to use. To make it even easier, just type up the URL link and don't forget to add this one...my favorite!!! BUT...the turkey centerpiece is fine alone and is so cute!!

Oh...if you are not in school or a homeschooler, have your kids make it at home as a Thanksgiving fun craft. I have created this with my grandkids and they LOVED it!!!

I hear you...you just looked at this cute craft and said out loud, " I LOVE this Turkey Craft and I want to make it tomorrow...so how do I do that?"

Never fear...the easy directions are right here.  


  • Brown Paper Lunch-sized bags
  • Google Eyes
  • Red, Yellow, Brown and Yellow Construction Paper

  • Markers and Crayons
  • A Wooden Spoon to use as a tracer to make the turkey head tracers for kids to use.
  • Copies of recipes or note with URL's for Leftover Turkey Recipe(optional).
  1. Use a Wooden Spoon to trace as many turkey heads as you want to have for your class to share.
  2. Make or find a Diamond shape to make tracers for the beak and quickly draw a turkey foot, which can be made by tracing your pointer, middle and ring finger at the tips and add a curve at the bottom. Your tracers might look something like this:
  3. Using a paper cutter cut strips of various colors of construction paper about 1"x 9 to use for legs and 1/2" x 9" from red paper for the gobblers.
  4. Give each child a paper bag and have them decorate the outside of the bag.
5.  Children trace 1 head, 1 beak and 2 feet on red, yellow, 
     orange or brown construction paper cut smaller for each 
     part of the turkey.
6.  Children trace their hands on a choice color construction 
     paper and put aside. These will be feathers. 
7.  Give each child a red gobbler and 2 legs. Now they have 
     all the parts they need to create their turkey.
8.  Have children fold the top of their bag down so it does not
     cover their design and glue the head on top; fold the beak 
     in half and glue onto head.  
9.  Roll the gobbler around a pencil to "curl" it and glue it on
     top of the beak.

10.  Glue 2 google eyes on the head above the beak, glue traced hands on each side of the turkey's 
       body for wings, glue feet on the strips for legs. Children can fold or curl legs as desired. 
       AND....drum roll please....here is the end result (hopefully).

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