A Few ideas to Make the Holidays Bright the Last Few Weeks Before Winter Break

Oh No...it's that time of year again. Thanksgiving is approaching and then...yes...then the dreaded Black Friday!  You come back into your classroom and the kiddos are all riled up...

SANTA has come to town and everything you had planned to teach goes right down the chimney...crash, bang, splat...

You bring in the Elf on the Shelf to keep an eye on the class and someone touches it and now it has

lost it's magic powers and you are back to square one...You pretend you see Santa at the window or maybe you even get a phone call or e-mail from old Saint Nick...nothing seems to get your excited students back to earth...Well...here is my motto: "Jolly Ole' St. Nicholas is coming down the chimney so make the best of it and have some fun with learning!"

That Elf on the Shelf looks so cute just sitting there, but he causes so much mischief! ⇰⇰⇰⇰

Here are some ideas to "Make the Holidays Bright the Last Few Weeks Before Winter Break"...

One of my favorite Christmas Crafts is this Torn  Paper Christmas Tree. It is great for fine motor skills and can be used with a unit about Holidays around the World to learn how the Christmas tree came to be. As you will see, this craft is easy, fun and creative for everyone...all ages!

Of course this tree craft has to have a reason to be created especially if you are in a school district that encourages teaching all Holidays around the world...not simply Christmas...don't worry, I have you covered...I am thinking that I may be your BFF teaching buddy right about now because I have the perfect resource for you complete with a Power Point to teach about a few Winter Holidays Around the World.  These are geared toward Kindergarten, First and possibly Second grades.

This resource is complete with a craft to represent many of the countries and holidays represented and much much more. 

Here are a few of the crafts represented in this resource and a there is also a powerpoint to teach about all the holidays included in Winter Holidays around the World!

Hanukkah Menorah

Kwanzaa weaving

Headbands for St. Lucia Day 

If you are looking for a fun "Read and Write the Room Resource"...you are in the right place!
This Santa Clues Activity is just right for YOU and your Kiddos!   
If you love wishes and gift giving, this fun differentiated will be a "go to" activity for years to come.  It includes wishes and gifts for the world, new year and family!

Maybe you will want to have some morning work available to support Common Core and calm your kiddos down a bit. You might like these booklets!  Holiday Fun for Grades K and 1

Did I hear you say it would be an awesome idea if there were a few math resources to support math facts...well...your wish is my command.  Math Fact Roll and Cover Dice Game

So I hope this early holiday gift will bring a little sunshine your way and make your season bright!