April Is National Poetry Month 5 Reasons to Use Poetry Frames to Encourage Your Students to Write Poems

I know we are in the middle of April and your probably thinking why are you just getting around to writing this post NOW!

Well...I have perfectly good explanation:  I was on a 5 week vacay basking in the sun and was just simply too lazy to write...my bad!  

BUT, there are still 12 days left in April and you still have time to encourage your students to create poems and of course there is still time to use these perfect poetry frames during Poetry Month or any time!

April is Poetry Month...5 Reasons to Use Poetry Frames with Your Students 

🌸 Teach your students to write poetry easily with poetry frames and graphic organizers to ensure success with writing different types of poems.

🌸 Build confidence with poetry writing. There is not any guessing.  Frames guide your students through the poetry writing process with ease.

🌸 Students do not have to continually think,"Wait, how many syllables does line one need? Let me check!" The frames have everything written under each space as a reminder of what each type of poem needs to be written in correct poetic form, which makes  poetry writing EASIER for your students.  The expectations are right there!

🌸 When children feel confident, they are more willing to take risks and try new types of writing or really try pretty much any new concept.  So frames encourage your writers to take risks and if they are successful, they will want to write more and more and more...In my case, my students asked to write more poems during recess! 

🌸 Frames encourage creativity. They know the expectations and are willing to think more creatively because the expectations for each poem are written under each space to guide them through the process. More time to allow creativity to flow and grow! 

There you have it...EASY PEASY...RIGHT?

Here are 2 SAMPLES of Cinquains written by first graders...YES!  FIRST GRADE.

Wondering where you can find some easy poetry frames for your students?

I have got you covered.

Take a look below and see if these will work for you and your students.  Happy April!

ANNNDDDD. DRUMROLL PLEASE...Here is a Freebie for you!  Free Poetry Posters