Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas or Door Decorations to DIE for....

Okay so it is almost time to give up those lazy hazy days of summer and start thinking about the dreaded "S" word...wait who am I kidding...if you are a teacher, all you have been thinking about since summer started are ideas for Back to School...I mean that's what teachers do as they lay basking in the sun or lounging poolside or even while traveling by car, plane or train as they endure that flight or drive!

I actually remember one day calling my principal from the beach, watching he waves gently splash onto the the edge of the shore and "BOOM" an idea popped into my head and I just had to call the school and chat about the this magnificent idea I had...YEP...I was that teacher..Oh my!!!

Well I decided to make it easier for you and round up some ideas that I am positive you will LOVE and all you have too do is sit here and read this post by the pool, on the beach or while traveling...EASY PEASY as they say!!!

1. What I LOVE about this Bulletin Board is how the teachers have their pictures Blasting OFF in the rocket ship and the names of the students on stars....I might add a small photo of each student and attach it to the star.

2. Ahoy Matey...This Class is a Treasure is an adorable way to show off your little pirates with a Pirate theme. You might even want to dress the kiddos up in Pirate hats and add a class picture to the treasure chest or individual images to the treasure chest popping out as the treasure!

3. This is one of my faves...I LOVE the flowers...they are gorgeous and the idea of growing...PERFECT. You could add student names to the leaves or small photos of your kiddos in the center of the flowers!

4. All ABOARD...Chugga chugga... TOOT! TOOT!....we are headed for Pre-School. This is adorable with the teacher as an engineer and the students as passengers!! What a fun idea for the little ones!!!

5. A Brand New Batch...of Smart Cookies...LOVE IT! The cookies look so real I could take a bite out of them...maybe you need to send home a recipe for chocolate chip cookies for an after school snack!!!

6. Look Who's in Our Class...whoooooo doesn't love owls. This is a great one for any grade level. You could have the students create the owls for a personal touch! Great idea!

7. Superheroes are ALWAYS Popular. I love how the students are flying above the buildings. It might be fun to have photos of the class on each superhero to personalize it a bit more. This is definitely...Super-califragilisticexpialidoscious!!!

There you have it...some great Bulletin Board Ideas to get those wheels churning! Enjoy the rest of your summer!! These ideas will be right here waiting for you...or...better them to your boards so you are ready to go!!!