Everyone LOVES Pizza! 5 Great Ideas to Integrate PIZZA into your Curriculum

Growing up in a family who owned a Pizzeria, I always LOVEd to use Pizza in some way shape or form in my classroom. So I have rounded up some ideas for you to integrate PIZZA into YOUR Curriculum...I think you will LOVE them all!

Everybody loves PIZZA and the truth is...I grew up surrounded by pizza!! 

Yep...back in the 50's through 80's my family owned the most popular Italian Restaurant in Delaware County and what did it specialize in? 

You guessed it......PIZZA! Customers would line up around the block just to buy a delicious Marra's pizza...not to mention my dad's nickname was "Pizzi!"

That is the shore backstory as to why I love to write about and integrate pizza in any and all activities I can think of or find.  Yes...we have written about "How to Make Pizza," We have baked English Muffin pizzas in school and used them to describe fractions as well as made cute pizza crafts and written about our favorite pizza and we have also played games integrating pizza!

So here are a few ways to integrate that P word into your curriculum and have a little fun, too!

1.  Here are 15+ books about Pizza to get your students in the mood and maybe in the kitchen!

2. Pizza Craft:   Now...this is exactly what I used to do with my first graders...and then we would write about our favorite pizza. For upper grades, it would be a great idea to have them display a fraction by cutting equal parts and showing you various fractions using their pie or working with a partner and showing equivalent fractions!

3. Now there is one thing I remember most about being the "Pizza Princess" in school...pizza parties. ...yep my parents brought pizza to school at least once a month on Fridays for a special pizza party. I thought this game would be a great way to add a little fun to your lessons...especially if you are teaching Pre-K through First grade!

4. Now for a really fun way to end a unit on Fractions for the Upper Grades...I simply Love this game and would definitely use this if I were teaching fractions to third or fourth grade!

5. And Last,but not least, here is a freebie I found to add to these "PIZZA-ZZZZ" ideas!

So there you have it...some ideas to add pizza to your curriculum. I hope you have fun with these ideas...my dad would be proud if he knew you were adding some pizza ideas into your lessons! Have a great year!