Drip, Drip, Drop a Great Craft for a Rainy Day and Few Extra Surprises to Make a Rainy Day a Happy Day!

Don't wish those clouds away...Let's turn those rainy days into fun days with this cute craft and some other ideas will be sure to put a smile on your face and turns that frown upside down

I am sitting here in my kitchen staring out my window watching the rain Drip, Drip, Drop and thought,
OH great! Another rainy summer day...UGH...Now what do we do?

Then I remembered about a cute raindrop craft:  Drip,Drip,Drop from Education.com

So...since you may also be stuck in the house with a few 5 or 6 year olds, Don't sing "Rain, Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day!" Instead why not try this fun, sparkly idea for you to use and you might just want to read a few books about weather that I have rounded up for you to read on a rainy day or any day!

On restless rainy afternoons, don't wish the clouds away—invite them to stay! These sparkly raindrops make for a fun weather-themed craft. This activity is a great way to introduce lessons about rain and water to your child. It's sure to keep the boredom at bay, and with all the cutting and constructing, it's great for honing fine motor skills too.

What You Need:
  • Blue washable paint
  • Blue construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scratch paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Metallic sequins
  • Tape (optional)
  • String (optional)
What You Do:
  1. Practice tracing raindrop shapes with your child on a piece of scratch paper. Once you've mastered the shape, you're ready to start creating raindrops.
  2. Help your child trace or draw a raindrop on the cardboard and cut it out.
  3. Now take the blue construction paper and trace a raindrop using your cardboard raindrop and cut it out around the line to make it larger than the cardboard piece.
  4. Squeeze a prominent line of glue around the border of the raindrop and cover the outline with sequins while the glue is still wet. Let dry.
  5. Now, paint the cardboard raindrop blue on one side. Let dry.
  6. Apply glue around the outline of the cardboard raindrop and cover with sequins. Let dry.
  7. Make enough of these sparkly raindrops to create a true April shower.
  8. Hang up the raindrops by taping the end of a piece of string to the unpainted side of the cardboard raindrop at the pointed tip.
  9. Glue the cardboard raindrop and the construction paper raindrop together with the sequins facing out.
Ask questions about why rain is important. Then ask what she thinks her backyard would look like without rain? What does she think the saying "April showers bring May flowers" means?

Here are some weather ideas and books to read or use on a rainy, snowy, sunny, foggy, dreary or happy day!

1. Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?

This is one of my faves....kids LOVE Dr. Seuss books with the whimsical language and rhyming patterns...so this would be a great choice to read on a weather filled day!

2.The Wind Blew

The Wind Blew is a great sequencing story about how the wind blew different items away. The kids LOVE IT! Teacher Love it too as it is predictable!

3. Why not try some weather Yoga?

This one of my Favorite ideas for a rainy day at home or in the classroom. We can all relax on this dreary day together...
Rain or Shine...this is a perfect idea to try!

 4.Thunder Cake

Yep...another favorite book for weather. You learn about thunder...and...you can make Thunder Cake, too! I mean what more can you ask for on a stormy day?

5. How's the Weather: A cute catchy song for younger students...I think first grade would like it too!

Here is an Extra Bonus for those young ones!!!

It's a Fun Freebie from ME to YOU! ENJOY!

If you have some older kiddos that you want to add a little weather fun and have them learn about weather, Here is a Weather resource that can be an addition to any weather unit!

I hope you have a great Rainy Day or Weather Day!