Free Halloween Game to Build a Classroom Community

Free Halloween Game to Build a Classroom Community 

My favorite time to teach is any holiday season. It gives me an opportunity to bring fun printables and engaging activities with the different holiday themes. 

One of my favorite resources is this free Halloween game to help build a strong classroom community. Ready to download this already, grab it for free here! 

The Importance of Building a Classroom Community 

One of the most important aspects of teaching, even sometimes more or as important as academic growth, is social emotional growth and building relationships between classmates and you (the teacher). Activities that support building a classroom community are so important when teaching the whole child and all students. 

I cannot speak enough about the significance of making students feel welcome and to feel as though they are active Important members of your classroom community.

Creating a positive classroom community with students is so important for a child’s overall learning experience. 

For example, it increases collaboration and teamwork by encouraging students to work together. 

It also enhances social skills and promotes classroom participation as it encourages every student to be an active member of your classroom community in a save positive environment.
Furthermore, building a classroom community can help increase a sense of belonging among students. They feel more secure around their peers and are more confident which helps with their positive self-esteem which can reduce anxiety. 

Finally, by building a classroom community, it helps enhance your classroom management and makes your life easier. 

Teachers with a strong classroom community often have a class who makes positive choices by following the rules, respecting authority, understands that we all have different strengths which in turn fosters  positive  classroom and individual behaviors.

 Free Halloween Game to Promote Positive Classroom Community

This Halloween game is completely free and 
promotes a positive classroom community. 

For example, by playing charades it encourages teamwork among students. They will need to collaborate, communicate, and support each other.

 In addition, it promotes active participation because students need to move, engage, and can help break down barriers to increase energy level and fun into your classroom. 

Furthermore, charades helps with communication skills and social stills too. 

Finally, playing charades fosters inclusivity because every student can participate. 

In addition to this fun free Halloween game you can turn this into a writing activity and have students write about their favorite part of playing this game or their favorite fall activity. GET THIS FUN GAME HERE 

It is sure to bring lots of laughs and fun moments. To download this for free today click here!