The BEST Back to School Elementary Resources and Printables

The Best Back to School Elementary Resources and Printables 

Are you looking for the best back to school resources to have in your teacher back pocket? YES?
We got you covered! Here are five of my best back to school elementary favorite resources and printables that will save you time and make the first week of school fun for your class. 

The Stressful Back to School Season

If you are like me, the back to school season is difficult but also full of excitement. This is an opportunity to grow as a teacher adjust your lessons from the previous year and meet a new wonderful bunch of students. 

In addition, there is so much prep work! Setting up the classroom with the best and most functional layout to setting up the new schedule and classroom procedures and rules. 

The amount of tasks can feel overwhelming! I see you and that is why these back to school printables will help you with the procedures, cut your prep work time down, and supply your class with fun and engaging activities. 

The Best Back to School Elementary Resources 

Here is our list of the go-to printables to make your back to school season a little less stressful.     

Are you looking for a quick way to get your kinders or firsties thinking about goals for the new school year? This is a quick, cute way to get your kiddos to think about their Goals or Hopes and Dreams for the upcoming school year and it supports non readers! This is perfect for your whole class and will allow your English Language Learners, Special Ed Kiddos, Kinders and Firsties to choose pictures to support their goals! Snag this resource here! 

Social Emotional and Polite Classroom Posters (insert picture or product cover here and link to TpT product) 

This packet is designed to act out or think about social situations where you should “Use Magic Words” like please and thank you among other words.     

Snag 8 done for you posters on manners and 23 cards with scenarios written on them that you can present to the class or your children to have them think, pair, share to come up what they might do in the situation and what they should say. 

These discussion cards are great for morning meetings and learning how to interact with classmates. 

Back to School Getting to Know you Activities 

Kickstart the first week of school with excitement and Build Classroom Community when you introduce these 'Getting To Know You' activities that spark engagement like no other! 

This Back to School versatile resource, which includes picture supported "Ice Breaker" activities increases friendship and aids in kids' understanding of each other by getting them up, moving, and interacting. 

Consisting of several partner activities, this dynamic resource offers a fully immersive experience that is not only educational, but supports social interaction as well. Easy to facilitate for any educator, this back to school tool provides a variety of activities to choose from, this activity ensures a vibrant and lively start to the school year, fostering a deep bond among classmates from the get-go. Directed towards a more interactive and engaging learning environment, this innovative resource is the game-changer in your teaching routine! 

Editable Name Plates 

Print and laminate these Editable student name tags or name plates and you will be all set for the
beginning of the school year and anyone who enters your classroom will be able to identify your students and call them by name!! 

This 10 page packet has everything you need to create mini offices for math skills and language arts as well as student desk name plates. 

The name plates can be run off and laminated then attached to student desks or placed on tables. There are a variety to choose from to meet student needs. Learn more about these name plates here today! 

FREE First Day of School Activities

This is my favorite back to school elementary resource because I love using these greetings, the morning meeting topics, and these fun first day of school activities. 

Each one helps to understand your students better and makes the first day of school memorable.In addition, this printable pack includes a free writing activity for kids which can help understand how the first day of school went for your students overall. Finally, this freebie includes the best classroom scavenger hunt that will make your first day of school memorable. 

I hope you can use some of these Back to School Resources...BUT...for NOW relax in the sun and when you are ready to start thinking about Back to School, they will be here waiting for you.

Still need some more IDEAS for Back to School?  Take a look here for a bit more fun for Back to School!